The Studio

We are a Vancouver-based design studio that specializes in home building design and commercial/residential interior design.

Our philosophy

We live in a fast-paced and always-connected society where human interaction increasingly happens through digital technology. At Trim Studio, we believe that now, more than ever, the spaces people inhabit can provide an important way to regain a healthy connection to the world.

With a three-pronged approach towards design, construction, and function, we create harmonious, impactful and functional spaces that our clients love.

Through multi-disciplinary expertise and a thorough understanding of construction limitations, we will help turn your vision into a reality that will add value to your life for years to come.

Rodrigo & Agne

The Team

Agne Mikalauskaite

Agne Mikalauskaite / Interior Designer

Agne graduated from the Interior Design program at Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. She then completed the Master of Interior and Living Design program at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

With over 10 years of international design experience, Agne’s goal is to create unique, functional, and ergonomic spaces with an individual personality, and to continue to explore the boundaries of creativity and design.

Agne is an avid salsa dancer and loves to laugh and travel. The rich experiences she has had, and the diverse and beautiful places in the world she has been able to see, have all influenced her core design values of high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance.


Rodrigo Munguia / Architect (Mexico)

Prior to founding Trim Studio, Rodrigo received a degree in Architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, with a specialization in Interior Design. With over thirteen years of experience as a licenced architect in Mexico, Rodrigo has focused on problem-solving and optimizing available resources through teamwork and the proper use of available tools.

Rodrigo has worked with numerous home and business owners, industry professionals, and contractors. He has helped create aesthetically-pleasing and functional spaces that respect and connect both the users and their context.

Outside of the workplace, Rodrigo is usually enjoying Vancouver and the outdoors, whether it’s rock-climbing, running, or taking cross-country motorcycle trips. He is a naturally positive person who loves to have fun, which helps him bring joy and motivation to Trim Studio every day.

Rodrigo Munguia