Restaurant Design

At Trim Studio – Vancouver, restaurant design means creating a bold, functional and profitable space for your business that you, your staff and your patrons love. Whether you’re creating a new location from scratch or renovating/expanding an existing space, we are ready and willing to help you with the design work needed to make your restaurant, café, or bar design project a huge success from start to finish. 

We are always keeping up to date on trends that help promote a healthy, easy to maintain, and visually appealing business that stands out from the rest. In Vancouver, we know how important this is. By considering your staff’s workplace needs and expectations as well as those of your customers, we can create a space that supports the goals of all who enter. 

Our restaurant design process involves collaboration as required with others—such as engineers, municipalities, suppliers and contractors—and spans three stages:  

·         The discovery (Exploration and understanding of the wants and needs of you, your staff and your customers) 

·         The off-site work (Selecting materials, creating plans and mood boards, and making decisions) 

·         The project (oversight at various stages of the project to ensure accuracy of execution) 

It is important that you expect the design process to take time. A lot of time, both yours and ours. And it’s worth it. We also promise that this will be a FUN process.  


The first stage of the process, the discovery session, involves programming. Programming is a word used in the architecture and design world that refers to one of the most exciting parts of the experience. It includes getting to know you and your business and exploring your tastes, learning what you like, what inspires you, and what type of environment will best help you, your staff, and your customers be as fulfilled and rewarded as possible. We will identify the various areas of your restaurant including the back and front of the house, storage, entrance, patio etc. and proceed accordingly.  

This stage includes in-person meetings, emails and phone calls, the ongoing collection of inspiration images, and more. This is where we refine the parameters of the bar, café or restaurant design project in terms of defining your specific needs and details, as they relate to space planning, ergonomic and safety needs, and other design requirements.

Inspiration is Everywhere! 

During programming, we are also assessing your openness to new ideas. When you hire us to lead your restaurant design project, expect to be challenged and inspired. We will combine our international training and inspiration with our Vancouver-based design experience to create a memorable space that will stand the test of time. We work AND play in Vancouver and we have the pulse of our lovely city in our hands. We know what works! 

By bringing Trim on board your restaurant designer, we know you are reaching for something more. Building a restaurant is not just about creating a stylish and practical business; it’s about helping create a space that your customers feel comfortable in and want to visit over and over again.  

We can also help you with the marketing and branding side of your business, which is as equally important to your success as the quality of your food or the aesthetic appeal of your location. Far too many aspiring restauranteurs do not make effective branding a priority, and this often contributes to failure. 

So, let’s get started!