Home Design

At Trim Studio – Vancouver, home design means creating a bold, beautiful and timeless architectural statement.  

Our design process involves collaboration as required with other professionals such as engineers, and spans three stages:  

·         The discovery (Exploration and understanding of wants and needs - Programming) 

·         The off-site work (designing floor plates, floor plans, elevations and creating a full plan set of your home design, ready to be submitted as a part of your new home construction or major home renovation permit application) 

·         The project (once we receive your new home building permit or home renovation permit, the work can begin. We are available to provide oversight at various stages of the project to ensure accuracy of execution, and support for your construction team) 

It is important that you expect the home design process to take time. Both yours and ours. And it’s worth it. We promise! 

The first stage of the process, the discovery session, involves programming. Programming is a word used in the architecture and design world that refers to one of the most exciting parts of the experience. It includes getting to know you and exploring your tastes, learning what you like, what inspires you, both for who you are now, and for the environment that you envision in your future. 

This stage includes in-person meetings, emails and phone calls, the ongoing collection of inspiration images, and more. This is where we refine the parameters of the new home design project in terms of defining your specific needs and details, as they relate to space planning, lifestyle needs, and other personal desires.

Here are just a few of the thoughts that we will explore over the course o your Vancouver home design project: What kitchen layout best suits your lifestyle? What hobbies should we create space for? What might you use each bedroom for as your family grows or shrinks? What size dinner parties will you host in your new dining room? These are the kinds of questions that help us narrow down your new home design.

New Ideas! 

During programming, we are also assessing your openness to new ideas. When you hire us to be your home designers, expect to be challenged and inspired. One reason to hire us to take on your Vancouver home design project, instead of your average home designer, is that we challenge you to break the mold and design a bold, beautiful, and timeless new home that still fits the context of your neighborhood.  

Are you willing to try something new? How far are you willing to broaden your horizons?  There is an excitement within discovering and getting to live within a new beauty and functionality beyond what you could have imagined or would have created if you had stayed within what was familiar.


Finally, its important to understand another keyword within the architecture and interior design world: context. The use of context involves a method of design based on the interpretation, evaluation and utilization of physical factors, such as light and orientation, the contextual issues of the urban form and the subject of sustainability. The unique history and characteristics of specific neighbourhoods are also considered. The design process will therefore ensure we stay true to your customized requirements and expectations, while ensuring your home design fits harmoniously within the Vancouver West Coast landscape.  

By taking the step to hire Trim is your home designer, it is not lost on us that you are reaching for something more - Embarking on a new home design project is not just about creating a stylish and practical space; it’s about personal growth and transformation, and about living a vibrant, joy-filled life in an environment that supports the best in you and the people that you care about. So, let’s get started! Email or call us to set up an in-person meeting at your home or at our office.